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Introduction and Background

The Book of Esther

Quick Facts about Esther

  • Esther is the 17th Book in the Bible
  • The Hebrew Word for Esther is "Ester" which means "concealed"
  • The Greek Name for Esther is "Aster" after the Persian word for star
  • The Author of the Book of Esther was Mordecai (According to Tradition)
  • Ezra and Esther were treated as one book in Jewish Tradition
  • The Events in Esther date back to the period from 521-495 BC approximately
  • The Main Theme of Esther is the Jews in Captivity were saved from annihilation by a Mordecai and a Jewish queen
  • A Type of Jesus - In Esther Jesus is the great deliverer of his people

Outline of Esther